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  1. As stated also in my first post of 30 December 2011 - 06:22 PM I'm in Windows XP Pro SP3. It's up-to-date with an '07 Dell which used to be a Vista machine from the factory but didn't like all the missing things such as no quick launch or any toolbars for the taskbar because they were grayed out right from the start so years ago I formatted the hard drive and installed XP Pro SP3 from disk. So my Evernote is just a downloaded version from the Evernote site and it updated OK until the version from about 2 updates ago, I don't have the version number. Did I submit a support ticket, No, as I was under the impression they were for premium users only until I saw BurgersNFries post stating 'Free users receive a reply as time permits'. It doesn't say that on the support ticket page, only 'Premium users will receive a reply within one business day, California time', so that's why I didn't think I was allowed a support ticket contact. Today I was able to get the stuck version out with Revo! What I tried was to 'move' the Evernote.msi from the Temp folder it was in to desktop - just for the sake of trying something. It would not move and of course am logged on as administrator. So I tried a little program called 'Move On Boot' and after scheduled to move from where to where within the 'Move On Boot' program it forced the move during a reboot. Then, the uninstallers won't find it on the desktop so I wanted to move it back to the Temp folder and it went with an easy 'drag' on the first try. Then I was able to do an 'advanced' uninstall with a good clean up and reboot. Then downloaded and installed the newest version of Evernote and got myself synced up and I'm back in business. Works Ok in Chrome and IE 8, just the 'clipper button' add-on for Firefox 9 still doesn't function as it never did function in Firefox 8 either. Hope to see that working soon as I use Firefox as default.
  2. I guess I failed to explain properly that in my post that the screenshots shown are actually on top of the 'Revo Uninstaller' program page which is why I'm seeking help in this forum. The Revo program still has to follow the Windows installer, which is stumbling on the uninstall error in Evernote, right? I don't know, but I have had Revo for years and feel it's a great product albeit I haven't run into this problem before.
  3. Also having an error code issue in Windows XP Pro SP3 with the current and previous updates where the "previous version can't be uninstalled, contact technical support". Please see the Attached Files When I 'browse' to the Evernote.msi file myself and choose it, it is what produced the error messages. I'd really like to get a work around for this so I can get my updates.
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