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  1. This thread is almost two years old so although they are aware of it, that doesn't necessarily mean they will do anything about it. It's a shame really as it's probably not a big deal to implement and would be a massive improvement on the current situation.
  2. Absolutely agree. The current situation is a complete complex mess. A simple method of choosing which image is displayed as the overall thumbnail image for the note would be extremely useful. I'm surprised such a useful update hasn't yet been implemented.
  3. I would also like the ability to choose the thumbnail for a note. As an example, I have photographed several recipes; one picture of the actual dish and one picture of the accompanying text (recipe). In most cases the thumbnail chosen is the 'wrong' one. I would like the thumbnail to be the picture of the dish itself not the recipe text. I've also spotted what appears to be a bug. I have EN running on my Android phone and Windows 7. In one case the thumbnail on the PC is 'correct' (i.e. a picture of the dish) but it still shows a text thumbnail on my phone, despite syncing. Please, please, please add the ability to choose the thumbnail. Regards
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