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  1. Hmm, maybe I was to fast. I ran in to a problem, when copying from another bullet and inserting in a new. The bullets disappeared. Hope a new shot at the problem will solve this in an upcoming release. By the way. My notebook and notes icons are gone in the left side menu, after updating to the newest Beta.
  2. I've just tried the new beta, and (for now) it has removed my problems. So thank You to the Evernote team for removing this troublesome and annoying problem.
  3. Hi Could You please enable a possibility for changing the textsize in the notes? Regards Frank Denmark
  4. Hi I also use Colornote which have a feature that makes one able to place a 2x2 widget on homescreen of a specific note, where You can read the first part of the note. When tapped on, the note opens for full reading/edit. Could this be implementet in an future update? Regards Frank Denmark
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