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  1. Support feedback: this is a known problem in dark theme. Workaround: switch the app back to normal theme Good enough for me as a temp workaround. HTH
  2. I read the docs and understand the different ways to share a note/notebook. To me, Evernote sharing is not intuitive. I use Google Drive a lot, including the sharing/collaboration features, now that is intuitive. Maybe the Evernote team should take a look again at the Google Drive implementation? My common use case is that I want to share notes with friends and family, all having an Evernote account. In that case: A "Shared (with me)" label in the sidebar could reveal all shared notes/notebooksI would like organise shared notes/notebooks freely as if they were my own. E.g. I can move a shared note from "Shared (with me)" to any notebook in my account, of course the note stays shared.I can collaboratively edit notes (now there seems to be an exclusive lock; there is however no indication of this, very annoying)If you feel chat is needed (is most cases it isn't imho), than chat within a note and not the other way around.I know these requirements are simplistic, but I hope it makes the general idea clear. HTH.
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