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  1. I right click a note that has a pdf attachment, then click Save attachments, choose folder and enter but nothing happens. That is the attachment doesn't go to the folder. I'm using win 10. Can someone help? Thanks
  2. Have had this problem using Chrome on PC for a long time. Clipper logs out after about 12 hours. Does anyone have a current suggestion. Have tried a few of them from this forum but nothing sticking. Thanks
  3. Sorry if this is obvious or even covered before but how do you select a particular section of a page as the "selections" option does not appear in the Chrome web clipper? I see the +- symbols but these options give you: all, or nearly nothing, of the page respectively.
  4. In the quest to get a non-workaround solution to clipping on iPad, apart from using the Dolphin browser, I experimented with the VirtualBrowser for Chrome App. This puts the desktop version of Chrome on the iPad (virtually) and then added the clipper extension as you would normally. It worked for me but it was painfully slow. This web app version of the browser has a lot of lag time compared to a native app. Not practical for me really. Anyone else tried it?
  5. Thanks I'll try mode #1 in firefox and then compare......cheers
  6. I just noticed this too. This is a very important function missing if you are storing long notes. I hope that they incorporate this soon!
  7. New Chrome user. The web clipper in Chrome allows me to choose the notebook and tag etc. Firefox does not give me any of these options on where to send the clip or how it is tagged (at least I have not been able to do this) If that is correct then Chrome would be way better to use with EN. Anyone have an opinion on this big difference between the two?
  8. Using web clipper 5.4 on win 7 PC no problems with Evernote client locally just with one user. When I switch user from userA to userB in Evernote client things go wrong. Web clipper then asks me to sign in to Evernote but the user box is pre=filled with the previous user (ie userA) and cannot be changed. Is this a bug?
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