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  1. I right click a note that has a pdf attachment, then click Save attachments, choose folder and enter but nothing happens. That is the attachment doesn't go to the folder. I'm using win 10. Can someone help? Thanks
  2. Have had this problem using Chrome on PC for a long time. Clipper logs out after about 12 hours. Does anyone have a current suggestion. Have tried a few of them from this forum but nothing sticking. Thanks
  3. I'm interested to know how you search for notes that contain a keyword that is a number. For example, say that I am searching for an invoice that contains the amount 1,345. The search engine seems to treat the comma as a space and finds notes that have a "1" and "345". Thanks
  4. Sorry if this is obvious or even covered before but how do you select a particular section of a page as the "selections" option does not appear in the Chrome web clipper? I see the +- symbols but these options give you: all, or nearly nothing, of the page respectively.
  5. In the quest to get a non-workaround solution to clipping on iPad, apart from using the Dolphin browser, I experimented with the VirtualBrowser for Chrome App. This puts the desktop version of Chrome on the iPad (virtually) and then added the clipper extension as you would normally. It worked for me but it was painfully slow. This web app version of the browser has a lot of lag time compared to a native app. Not practical for me really. Anyone else tried it?
  6. OK this has now been confirmed as a bug. The more serious part of this problem is the lack of the pdfs being searched. It does not happen on web access either so it is definitely their end. Hopefully they will have this fixed soon.
  7. I've reported this and the fix was to remove the windows client in Control Panel and re-instal EN with a link to the latest version. This did not work. They now tell me that I have to do it again and this time use "Revo Uninstaller" with the link supplied to remove all traces of EN and then re-instal. I'll try this but I'm sceptical because when I started the ticket I included the note in question as an attachment and asked that they check it themselves. They have not answered that question. I'll report back.
  8. A serious problem too is that the attachments are already OCR'd when opened in Adobe. However they are not showing in searches. Anyone else find this?
  9. In windows client I have a note with an attached PDF. When I double click it, it opens in Adobe no problem. However when I right click on the PDF the "View as attachment" option is ticked but greyed out. This means it is permanently as an attachment and I can't have the PDF content displayed as a default for the note. I have other notes with PDFs where I can toggle this option no problem. The PDF in question was one that was imported to EN using Outlook plugin. It is already OCRd. This is not a serious problem as I can open the PDF but it is a nuisance not having the contents displayed in the note as default. Can someone help or is this a bug? Thanks
  10. Thanks I'll try mode #1 in firefox and then compare......cheers
  11. I just noticed this too. This is a very important function missing if you are storing long notes. I hope that they incorporate this soon!
  12. New Chrome user. The web clipper in Chrome allows me to choose the notebook and tag etc. Firefox does not give me any of these options on where to send the clip or how it is tagged (at least I have not been able to do this) If that is correct then Chrome would be way better to use with EN. Anyone have an opinion on this big difference between the two?
  13. Using web clipper 5.4 on win 7 PC no problems with Evernote client locally just with one user. When I switch user from userA to userB in Evernote client things go wrong. Web clipper then asks me to sign in to Evernote but the user box is pre=filled with the previous user (ie userA) and cannot be changed. Is this a bug?
  14. As a recent convert to tags I'd like share a view. "Is there much difference?" . When I previously tried putting things in Notebooks and replicating my hard drive or my filing cabinet (for scans) I felt secure that I was tucking something away in an electronic draw or manilla folder as if it was some kind of physical thing that is compiled together and put next to other data in a similar category. But in actual fact, this electronic data created is going to be spread all over several hard drives in another part of the world. What correlates electronic data with other data is the assignment of an electronic attribute. In this respect, you are not actually 'putting' a note in a notebook (as if it was some physical placeholder), you are assigning an electronic notebook attribute to the file. This is really no different to assigning a tag in my view. But tags have an advantage. You can assign more than one which is great since you can very easily categorise data multiple ways. I can categorise all my receipts for example and at the same time tag a particular project on top of some of them. I can then be flexible about grouping data when I need it on the fly. In fact EN made it easy for those of us who had the 'notebook' fetish by replicating the 'look' and feel of previous notebooks structures in the lower part of the left pane. There you can have the same hierarchy with tags that is familiar to us using notebooks. So for me I see notebooks and tags as really being the same thing (file attributes) but with more restrictions on how you use notebooks. I'm sold on tags.
  15. Bless you guys, it feels like Xmas. A simple command in windows client and it completely transforms my experience. What I don't understand is why this view is not in the Menu? Surely others would be in same boat as me. Also is someone keeping the Windows user guide up to date? It's not in there. Something as important as this should be visible. Perhaps the developers don't want anyone to know about it because of it's unavailability on the other platforms Is this the place to have suggestions put forward for having this view included as a sub-menu item?
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