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  1. Look what I have found http://www.otherinbox.com/oib-me/ Now I really don't need to bother with labels on gmail - the above app does everything for me, so I can just forward to evernote and thats it! yeaah!!
  2. Thanks for your replies everyone. I am in the process of simplifying my life because one of my weaknesses is that I am far too complex that even I have myself have troubles keeping up with it. But anyway, I like the idea suggested about just forwarding the parts of the conversation you need and not bother too much with labels because its true, emails are only good for correspondance - for storage, not very good as many conversations can get side tracked. So I am going to create labels by years, e.g. 2011 label, 2012 labels etc. At least that way, if I don't remember what to search for, I can just look through the yearly labels and guess the month and find the email. Let's see how it goes! So far I am really loving Evernote, don't know why I join it earlier! :/
  3. ^ Sorry, for not making myself clear. Yes evernote has tags and they are perfect to sort out all my items. Therefore I was wondering whether there is even a need to keep labels in Gmail? And I am wondering whether people here on the forums have just deleted all their labels on gmail and simply forward the emails in order to sort the important ones out via tags in Evernote instead?
  4. I have countless labels in my gmail account - both work and personal and now after reading about what evernote can do, I realised that everything can just be sorted there. So my question is, after you forward certain tasks to evernote - do you still label them? i.e. Marketing, Sales etc. Am interested to know everyone's set up as I am really fed up with all these labels -An evernote beginner
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