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  1. Hi, I have recently upgraded to BLU Pure XL phone running Android 5.1 Lollipop. I keep getting error 504 from google play store when I attempt to install evernote. I have been able to download and install everything else. Does anyone have any idea of what the issue is? Lollipop, Pure XL? Thanks.
  2. Jules... where is that app available? With Kindle we must sideload APK's unless available on Amazon Appstore for Kindle.
  3. Factman... if you go to home... apps... store... menu... myapps... then update tab it will show all apps with updates and allow you to install each.
  4. When using Evernote on Kindle Fire attempting to send data to printershare app results in screen requesting login. Printershare is properly recognized as "other app" screen item but does not send data. If you click fullscreen in Evernote it displays two screens (just the image and an icon... none of the text) but this is sent properly to printershare. Thanks.
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