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  1. Hey that's exactly where I'm up to. I've removed it. When I try to re-install it on my phone using the marketplace i get this error "80070020". Searching Google there's no information about this error for Evernote. If I try to use Zune to install Evernote it gives me an error that I have already purchased Evernote and the option to install is greyed out.
  2. Hey Guys I've had Evernote for a while. Such a great app to sync notes! However, since the last WP7 update last week I've had some issues with it on my LG WP7. Initially after the update I got an Evernote database error. I checked my Evernote account on the web and I can log fine in my browser and can see all my notes. So next I uninstalled Evernote on my phone. However when I try to re-install it it gets 50% of the way there and gives me an error code "80070020". I googled this code but nothing shows up. I also tried to install it using Zune. but it says I have already bought this app. I'm wondering is this just me, or has the latest WP7 update broken the WP7 Evernote app and an Evernote update will be released to fix the issue? Any help/pointers would be really appreciated. Kind Regards Jimmy