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  1. i'll second this or some other form of easy/automatic time stamping. i've shared before - in a previous version, the default title of notes i'd create was a timestamp - simple as that. That was for audio-recordings, perhaps it was unique to those. Great for logging seizure activity. Now, i'm retitling EVERY NOTE (seizure-related, that is) - relying on the timestamp on the audio file's auto-name, which includes a date/time stamp. Quite the regression, if you ask me - removing a feature rather than making it an option. Then again, maybe i'm looking in all the wrong places for said option. TIME is the key - when i have seizure activity, it is typically 3-4 in a day. A date doesn't cut it. After having a seizure, i am not "with it" enough to comprehend time, to include it as speech. It's fairly simple to document a seizure: tap any button to wake phone, tap widget on screen, and bam - i'm recording. Previously, if i wasn't able to speak, that was OK. I had a timestamp, i knew when it happened (just as valuable as further specifics.) Then later, i could add more specifics to the note, if i could recall. A "tap-to-stamp" button as mentioned would be great, bus as i mentioned, the previous method of using a timestamp as the default title is perfect and effortless, and i'm sure i'm not the only one who thinks so.
  2. Do you have Google Voice Search installed ? (might be obvious, but it's worth asking i guess... custom ROMs might exclude it)
  3. Just to play devil's advocate - if everyone shut up about something because it's already been discussed... It would seem that interest had faded. Of course, replying to an existing thread or whatever is the "correct" way to go about this, but ya gotta admit - it's less "in your face" than a new thread. i love the interweb
  4. I'd like to find an APK as well. That way i could downgrade to the latest version without the hogwash auto-title malfeature.
  5. I'm not familiar with the features in question, but it doesn't really seem like an end-user option in this case to only use the styling available to the Android Note Editor. Off topic, but, auto-titles should be optional. Just saying. Outright changes to basic functionality shouldn't be forced. OPTIONS are both easy to implement and a Good Thing. Old code doesn't just disappear.
  6. What i was doing in process monitor was basically filter to include evernote only - then the button , 4th from the right on the toolbar is "Show File System Activity." Another good way to go about it in process monitor is Process Activity Summary under tools. These numbers are [for me] the same as Process Explorer's - however Process Explorer has let me know that of the ~10k events that occurred during the few minutes i was messing around with the 2 utilities and grabbing some screenshots - "only" 1601 were write operations. :-| Note - i'm not complaining at all - just nerding. i'm fairlycertain visual studio or sketchup or pokerstars and quite possibly on-screen-keyboard [ok ok ok maybe not that one] are just as active. That's why we have RAM ! Now, a couple minutes later, reads are up by a good 1700 or so, while writes are sitting at 1602 total. [note i re-started evernote prior to grabbing the numbers for this post]
  7. Oddly enough, that's what convinced me to make this post: filtering to include only operations including the word "file" resulted in ~20,000 operations over the course of 5 min. This is with evernote just sitting there - no user interaction at all. Clearly not all would have been autosaves: however too many for me to dig through any further... hehe... For comparison - a Chrome session consisting of 4 windows, 3 active downloads, and being *used* - over the course of 10 minutes, yielded ~30,000 operations including the word "file". [Dont ask me how such a disparity is possible - im just the messenger here! ] I was just about to include this info when i realized just how nerdy i was already being merely making the post. I feel better now that someone on this very forum has recommended this course of action hehehe ! Thank you very much Peter, Owyn, and Jeff for your input !
  8. As an SSD user on a very stable system, i tend to tone my autosave settings down a bit. Evernote seems to be autosaving just waaaaaaaaay more often than really needed. Multiple times per sentence if i'm interpreting the UI cues correctly. [i'm not referring to 40wpm stream-of-consciousness straight-from-brain-to-screen typing here... casual with thinking kinda stuff - not that any of that matters...] Anyhow, i've searched my menus and this forum to no avail. I assume there is no way to either "slow it down" or turn it off - but alas, i gotta ask. Then again, maybe it's autosaving alot less frequently than i am imagining. Any for-sure numbers on that would be appreciated as well. Thanks Much ! EDIT: Ok so there's a corresponding Registry entry [HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareEvernoteEvernoteNoteAutoSaveInterval - default = 30], which leads me to believe that there likely is a setting im overlooking. Probably something reeeaalllly simple too. I'd tweak it - but i won't. Yet. If 30 means 30 seconds... well... yeah, i'm going to have to sooner or later, though.
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