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  1. I use the new shortcuts feature to help my todo lists. I have 6 tags saved as shortcuts: > 1 Mon > 2 Tue > 6 Weekend etc I then drags notes onto the relevant day, and then into one of my few notebooks (Filing Cabinet if it's something I need to keep afterwards, or The Box Room if I can delete it once the task is done). So I am left with 6 easy-to-find todo lists for each day of the week. If something has a specific deadline beyond a week, I add a reminder (ie I always add a month reminder to my PDF invoices so I know when to start chasing them)
  2. Has there been any solution to this problem as I'm experiencing it quite a lot now - (at least once every 10 minutes but no real pattern) I am running Pro edition on Win 7 and I have 5750 notes - some of them large PDF's,images and sound recordings could this be causing hangs? Thanks Caroline
  3. It's definitely a useful feature ... and thank you for your reply. it would be great to see where it leads with this new Evernote-IFTTT mashup!
  4. Hey Jeff Thanks for replying IFTTT does actually let you append to a current Evernote note now, which is brilliant for keeping logs of things, creating automatic lists etc. I guess I was wondering if the formatting of the current note (ie bullets, checkboxes) could be continued in this new appended text. Just an idea ... Thanks, Caroline
  5. I wonder what the possibility would be of adding a new feature to checkbox lists - namely, automatically adding a checkbox to items appended to a note via IFTTT. I currently use IFTTT to append email subject-lines to a to-do list note, if they are given a particular Gmail tag. I then access my todo list note via Egretlist and to have my email headers added automatically to a todo list would be great. Sorry - hope I haven't confused ,,. Thanks Caroline
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