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  1. By accident, I noticed something "markdown-like" on the Mac version. As someone who takes lots of code chunk notes, I find myself often creating a one-cell table pasting the code from editor or command line formatting it mono-space font This sets the code apart from the rest of the explanatory text. Today I was doing this for a markdown sample and I stumbled on the fact that if I start a line with three back-ticks and press enter, it automatically turns into a mono-space font box. This works for me on Mac OS with EN 6.5.
  2. I, too, would like to see Stacks supported in iOS. I use Awesome Note (AN) for to-do lists in conjunction with Evernote (EN) for synchronization. This adds AN folders as notebooks to EN. On Windows, I can group the AN notebooks into a single stack to keep things neat. But on iOS it becomes somewhat of a wasteland. Sure, I can quickly find something in particular through tags. But sometimes I just want a quick overview of how the stacks, notebooks and notes are organized - especially when I haven't used a certain stack in a while. That's where I find myself waiting until I can get to a workstation client for a clearer perspective.
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