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  1. Thanks Candid. Actually it might not be in all my notes; I just noticed it in quite a large note. I don't think support will be able to retrieve my apostrophes so I haven't asked them. I just wondered whether it had happened to anyone else.
  2. Evernote has deleted all my apostrophes and ampersands. Has anyone else come across that?
  3. I am sorry you are upset by my comment, but I think it is important to be clear what is being requested. No-one would be searching for "arbitrary" strings. That makes it sounds like people are making ridiculous requests when they are actually quite reasonable.
  4. Just to clarify, no-one is asking to search on "arbitrary" character sequences.
  5. I would like to be able to search for the last few characters of a string. For example any string that contains the sequence "12345", so I could find all strings that contain the sequence "12345". Can someone confirm whether this is possible? If it is not, does Evernote have any procedure for submitting functionality requests?
  6. Callnote no longer saves the phone number or caller name to evernote, massively decreasing its usefulness. You can no longer search Evernote for calls to a particular person or number. I think Kandasoft might be wanting people to move to their interface, but their interface is not searchable and defeats the everything-in-one-place objective of Evernote. Is there any way of asking Evernote to make their own Skype call recorder? Recording calls is my only reason for using Evernote Premium.
  7. My fault. Reinstated my OS without the Lenovo bloatware and it resolved it (and manyother problems at the same time).
  8. My CallNote cannot seem to post recordings to Evernote. It just brings up the Evernote settings window with the user name and password. Ihave checked both os these and they are correct. Anyone know what I can do?
  9. Try Total Recall by KillerMobile. Doesn't work with all phones (eg HTC One V) but works with Samsung Galaxy S.
  10. Thanks Gazumped. I thought it downloaded the whole lot. I don't intend to use the Android app for recalling any notes, just for getting them onto my PC.
  11. I want my notes on my phone to upload to Evernote, but do not want to download everything to my phone as I do not have room. Can I do this?
  12. Does that mean the "+" sign makes Evernote treat the following characters as a new word? That would explain my result. It is a shame that it treats underscore as a character, but I can see why, as some people seem to use it.
  13. Funnily enough, I have just discovered that a search on "+447811" finds "Record_2012_11_01_13-07-46_+447811123456.amr" but a search on "07811" does not find "Record_2012_11_01_13-07-46_07811123456". Why is that?
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