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  1. Just curious about the average scan size of a document. A bit of a broad question as there are small receipts, 2 page color pdf's, black & white docs. But I'm trying to figure out two things. Do people scan docs to use electronically within EN or do you scan with the possibility that it will need to be printed some day? I'm mainly talking about receipts, legal docs, doctor bills/medical insurance. I have been scanning at a resolution that will be able to be printed with a good quality. Some of my one page 8.5 x 11 pdf's are in the 1.5 - 2 mb range. But as I look around the forums this seems to be a big file. Thoughts? Thanks
  2. I had a 28mb PDF file that I couldn't load into EN due to free version size limitation of 25mb. I used a utility to open the .pdf pages and split the document into two sections. Pages 1 - 66 and Pages 67 - 125. I have two files labeled part 1 and part 2. Simple and free.
  3. Asking a question here: Sounds like if you don't care about OCR/Index of the file and you can lock the PDF with a password or encrypt the file then loading the file on the EN cloud should be fine. If you have good title descriptions or tags then you should be able to find the file easily. Seems like most of the files you don't need access to very often. How many times do you need to pull up your closing docs from a refinance on your iphone? My feeling is that I will keep these files on a local notebook and just back them up to several drives as part of my back up routine. Right now I have paper tax returns in files in my house. I plan on converting them to EN local notebook. But the fact is if I need to look something up from them I'd need to look up the paper files at home now anyway. I like the idea of paperless but do I need all those files up in the cloud to access at any moment? Not really.
  4. I'm new to EN and concerned about security of my data going up into the EN cloud. Do you think keeping a Notebook of sensitive notes/documents local is a better way to secure the data. I'm not exactly sure how local notebooks work. I've done some looking around the forum here and correct me on this. With the premium EN account I could have a local notebook on one main home computer that I could add sensitive notes and documents (insurance policy, wills, real estate mortgage info etc.) This notebook would only live local. Besides not being able to sync this notebook with the web and other devices is there any other disadvantage of working this way? Can I still search and tag this local notebook. Thanks
  5. Being new to EN I'm curious how people have their Stacks/Notebooks/Notes organized. Mainly for ones home office and personal files. Thanks
  6. I'm investigating going paperless and I like the idea but I need some emotional help. Once the scan is completed and loaded into EN what does one do with the paper? Do you shred it and recycle? What if it is a receipt and the store requires the original for a return? Do you file the paper into a general box just in case it is needed? Bite the bullet and throw it away? Looking for everyones thoughts and ideas. Also along with this question is dedicating ones entire process to EN. Will EN be around for years and years? What happens when you are 3 years down the road and EN goes away. How will you have access to all of your data? Keep a copy of everything local? Thanks Neal105
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