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  1. I recommended this ages ago and would still v much like to see it happen. Yubico make it v. straightforward to implement and it could be optional.
  2. I just bought an HTC Sensation to replace my iPhone (3G). One of the apps I'm interested in running on my new phone is Evernote. I have two concerns about using the cloud storage capabilities (I've used Evernote on and off since 1.0, Tornado Notes before that, Ecco, Lotus Agenda and much else. I've been using OneNote and lately.) 1. Security -- generally, not just on the phone 2. Whether syncing any volume of data with a phone is really practical. My phone has limited memory -- it does have a 16Gb micro SD card however. Currently I use a Yubikey (www.yubico.com) to protect my Lastpass account. I would like to have two-factor authentication if I'm to store anything sensitive in Evernote. The Lastpass approach seems very good in respect of web and mobile client security. I would like to see something similar with Evernote. Tiddlyfolio style encryption for individual notes would be good too. I know that it's possible to have some Notebooks that are local only. Can they be synced locally? (avoiding cloud-based sync) and is it, or will it, be possible to configure the app to use micro SD storage?
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