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  1. This happened to me a few days ago - 2 hours' worth of notes went west after a spontaneous reboot of my HTC Desire z occurred before I had saved the note. When I restarted Evernote, it showed an earlier version of the note. Was I frustrated! Having checked the support site, I managed to find the sub-folder on my SD card where Evernote notes are kept, and by trial and error looking through the various notes I had made on that date, I found the relevant file (Phew!) [*NB SEE AMENDMENT BELOW*]. Presumably the reset had reverted the database's index to the earlier setting, so the later data were there, but the database couldn't see them. I've reported this to Evernote support to see if there's a 'proper' recovery tool or system, but at least using a file explorer app enabled me to find the data & I can copy & paste them in if all else fails. Hope this might be encouraging and possibly helpful to others who seem to have lost data - there might be something still there!. CORRECTION The file I found was NOT the lost version, but the earlier one - I, too seem to have lost my data irrevocably. I have of course submitted a support ticket, and asked why multiple autosaves of critical files cannot be offered, but I'm not holding my breath...! I'll post again if I hear anything.
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