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  1. Hello One way Evernote can make organizations of notes even easier : Automatic tagging of notes based on the folder name it is located at as well as auto tagging of notes in nested tags ( the note is auto tagged based on the root parent tag as well as all the subsequent nested tags in the parent tag )
  2. I think nested notebooks would be a handy feature. I have tried nested tags and I think the flexibility of tags is nice but there are those who would like nested notebooks too and I am one of them.
  3. Hi, While the new interface is ... interesting, I have a bit of an issue with a change in functionality, namely choosing folders for offline sync. With check mark boxes the earlier method wasn't an elegant solution, it was O.K. The current one is more cumbersome however. I have to click twice on each folder for offline viewing ( Once to choose and and again to select enable offline option ). Please change it back to the original method or allow to choose any of the two or maybe have it such that setting a parent folder as enabled for offline viewing automatically sets the children folders too.
  4. Hi, Wondering how do I remove a tag from several notebooks at one go ? Thanks
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