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  1. For the next Evernote update, please please make the "Click to add tags" area more visible instead of the almost invisible grey on grey, and when clicked please make the area clearly ready for typed input by displaying a box to type in, and please mention somewhere that to add more than one tag to a note you need to separate tags with unintuitive commas. A better way would be to just automatically display a new blank box to type in when the return key is hit after the first tag is completed and go somewhere else if all you want is one tag.
  2. I must not understand how to tag files as I can only seem to apply one or at most two tags to any note. After I add the second tag I can't get the cursor to a place to add a third tag.
  3. I'm probably making this needlessly complicated and going about this the wrong way, but in OSX 10.9.2 and Evernote 5.5.1 I clip a photo in Safari and send it to my Evernote default Notebook called "New Notes." I create a new blank note and title it in another of my Notebooks and cut and paste the photo from my "New Notes" Notebook into my newly created note, or just drag it to my new blank note, I can't remember which. Then I spot some notes in Safari and clip them to my "New Notes" Notebook and from there want to move those notes to my newly created note with the photo in it, but now I can't make that move, either by cutting and pasting or just dragging. Once I've got a clipped photo in a note, I can't seem to add clipped notes to it.
  4. So if tags are global to all notebooks, it's possible a tag applied to a note in one notebook could later easily pull up a slew of other different notes in other different notebooks? I'm not trying to be funny or give anybody a hard time. I guess my confusion about how the tags apply started when I saw there was mention on the note screen of tagging ("click to add tags"), but nowhere to click and tag a note from the note screen itself; you have to do it from the menu outside or with a shortcut.
  5. The more I read about tags in Evernote 5 for the Mac the more confused I get. All I want to do is tag one specific note at a time, not simultaneously tag an entire notebook every time I make a tag for a note. When I have a specific note highlighted, available to edit, etc., I look at the top of the note and see "click to add tags," but it doesn't say where to click, and the wording itself is greyed out and unavailable to click. When I go to the Menu at the top and click File/New Tag and I make a tag for what I think is a specific note, and make another tag for another specific highlighted note and so on, tags for different notes in one specific notebook, when I look at all the tags I've made it appears they're all thrown in together in one big pot. Is there no differentiation between tags for different notes in one notebook, or even between tags for different notes in different notebooks? I'm not understanding something really basic about tags and the more you can explain it for me the more I'll appreciate it.
  6. In Evernote 5.0.5 for the Mac when I try to delete a Notebook by right-clicking its heading in the left column, all I see is "Share Notebook" and "Notebook Settings," no Delete. How do I delete a Notebook?
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