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  1. It really does seem like Evernote is trying to lose my business. This should be opt in not opt out. If the price goes up even a little bit more, I'm gone. I used to love Evernote, now its starting to annoy me.
  2. Clipper not working on Chrome Version 32.0.1700.77 (Ubuntu)... Not working on any page. Extension lets me log in, but the button does nothing.
  3. 2-factor I'll allow "better" client encryption? Didn't know we had any - see my last post. Bitcoin? - last September don't I remember "Last night, a few of our servers were compromised..." - ? That was one exchange, the protocol is still solid as it uses high level encryption. Bitcoin is gaining traction of late (current price circa $34) and is being accepted by many sites where people prefer to keep their identities anonymous. If Facebook, Apple and Evernote can be hacked....so can a young exchange. The main MtGox exchange and other large ones such as Bitstamp have upped their security massively since that happened... which is why confidence has returned. I would like to see Bitcoin for Payments as it would be cheaper than PayPal, and for the aforementioned near-anonymity it offers. The less personal info Evernote have, the less there is for hackers to gain should this happen again.
  4. 2-factor authentication neededBetter client level encryptionPayment via BitcoinPlease implement these and I will feel safer.
  5. I pay for my VPN, webhosting and seedbox using Bitcoin, and the billing is simple using a payment intermediary such as Bitpay or MtGox. I'm also pretty sure its cheaper than using PayPal or credit cards! Hopefully they will implement Bitcoin payments in the coming months as Bitcoin is rapidly gaining traction among the tech savvy.
  6. Hi, I would like to be able to pay for Premium subscription using Bitcoin... are there any plans to implement this? Thanks
  7. I disagree that Evernote has "limited resources". Implementing two factor authentication is not a massive expense. I use it for both securing my Google Account and my Last Pass account. Neither of which do I pay $45 annually for. It is an added level of security which I really, really want so I will feel more at ease storing potentially sensitive information in the cloud. I practice good password administration... but if someone somehow got my password through a keylogger or other vector, they would still need my mobile phone to get in to my account. If you don't want additional security, that's fine. Good luck to you.
  8. Yep I REALLY want two factor authentication please... I want to trust it as much as I trust my Google account which has an excellent implementation of this. It just doesn't feel safe enough at the moment.
  9. Google 2-step authentication please!!! Lastpass use it and I feel much safer!
  10. I definitely think Evernote should use the google 2 step app! Lastpass does it... and I have just as much sensitive information stored in Evernote as I do in Lastpass!!!! Please do this!!!!
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