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  1. Dave, thanks for this, good luck, what other scanning software can we use? Jonathan
  2. thank you for this, what step am i missing, I am beginning to pull my hair out!!
  3. Yes, but I can connect with the app and the web but not with scandrop
  4. Hi I have been using scandrop and evernote on the Mac for years. Recently I can no longer login to evernote from scandrop it says Could not log you in to Evernote Username and/or password incorrect (consumerKey) I can log into evernote from the application and the web I have tried username and email but I can not get past this problem Max OSX 10.7.5 Evernote Version 5.0.7 (400995) Many thanks Jonathan
  5. Hi. I have solved this problem for myself and wanted to share it with you all. The error in synchronization was identical to Keanu, I got lucky!!!! Ieft the activity log open on my second screen as I was moving down the notes and saw that an error occurred when I just clicked on some of the notes. The error was cant find file!! I clicked on the troublesome file and then on note history and downloaded the version of the file held on the server. I copied this into the notebook and deleted the troublesome note. I had to do this about eight times and I have 350 notes. Then i deleted all the dowloaded folders and the trash and bingo it synchronized. BTW I first started to get suspicious when I tried to export all my notes and it failed on export saying it could not find the file. My system now works beautifully and no sync errors. All the best Jonathan
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