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  1. Yes, the current version is, indeed, able to run on Windows 8's legacy desktop. I am using Evernote as a desktop app right now in Windows 8!
  2. Hi folks! My name is Nazmus, and if you do not know yet, there seems to be a special version of Evernote for Windows 8 coming soon! This version will only work on Windows 8 (not Windows 7 or earlier) and be available through the Windows 8 App Store. As with all new Windows 8 "metro style" apps, this app is designed for both touch and mouse/keyboard. It will also run fullscreen and will be more enjoyable to use! Here's quick preview of the WIndows Store. You can see a big Evernote for Windows 8 tile. Note, this is NOT the Evernote for Windows 7, but rather, it is a completely, new, and redesigned app! Windows 8 Beta arrives late February of 2012, when we would expect to see this app be available for download.
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