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  1. Don't work for me. On two differents computers. Did you lauch the executable with special options ? Thank you.
  2. Whatever, I try it fails. I tried the command : regsvr32.exe /u EvernoteOL.dll And I get the following error message : "The module "EvernoteOL.dll was loaded but the call DLLUnregisterServer failed with error code..." See attachment. Evenote "premium" support seems to be bored by my request and finally did not answering me anymore.
  3. I had a ticket opened at the Evernote support... At the beginning they answering me but for a while I get no answer... Fortunately, I'm premium user and I should have a 24hrs-answer ...
  4. I fully agree with the previous comments. I opened a ticket in Evernote support... For the moment, the problem has not been solved. I paid Evernote since the first versions and I'm really surprised that the answer of this problem is to install new software to be able to uninstall Evernote, alter/modify registry etc. Why not format C:\ ? Obviously, I would prefer a new MSI that JUST works... For the moment, I continue with the support... Last try, create a log file for the support. We will see...
  5. I face exactly to the same problem for three weeks ago... but I won't explain it like this. I'd prefer to hope for a "magic" solution by Evernote team. - I cannot uninstall Evernote and cannot upgrade with the downloaded executable. - I waited a few days because I believed it was just your MSI package that was bad... However, my problem persists. I have three computers and I get the same problem on each. I opened a ticket today... We will see what "premium support" will tell me.
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