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  1. I'm pretty sure that by doing what you've outlined you're actually uploading a copy of the Skitch image up to the Asana servers.
  2. I've just done this for a new website and found that using Skitch with Evernote and then sharing the note with the dev team works really well.
  3. If you checkout Asana you can attach files form Dropbox, Google Drive our your computer (https://asana.com/guide/tasks/attachments). It'd just be great to see "Evernote" as an option here. Then, when one of the notes are clicked, it opens it within Evernote or in the browser.
  4. Thanks. But I wasn't so much looking for a way to create an Asana task from an Evernote note, but rather link multiple Evernote notes to a single Asana task so they can be used as reference information.
  5. Lately I've been using Asana a lot for starting a new business. What I love about Asana is it's ability to collaborate on files by attaching them to the task. Already Asana integrates with Google Drive and Dropbox. What would be absolutely awesome is if there was the option to attach notes from Evernote. I know that if you paste a note link into Asana (either http:// or evernote:///) it will be clickable, but that just isn't as clean a solution as what it could be I think. If anyone is looking for a little project to work on, this would be a life-saver for me and likely many others.
  6. Is it possible with the new Skitch 2.5 to edit an image or PDF that is already in Evernote? For example, if I find a note that has a PDF in it, and then go to Open In > Skitch, I should be able to make changes and hit "Save" and have those changes appear in the file in Evernote right away. This currently works when cropping an image with Preview or editing a PDF with Acrobat, but not Skitch - Skitch wants me to drag the file back into Evernote and it saves another copy of it in the "Skitch" notebook. Argh!
  7. @Candid - you're 100% right. Writing is much better for learning and (brain) memory than typing. Where it makes sense to type instead of write is for things like shopping lists, notes etc etc where you don't need to be able to recall the content off the top of your head. @s30311 - I've also heard great things about the live scribe and your comments makes me even more tempted to go get one. Imagine... using the Live Scribe with the new Evernote Moleskins - capturing exactly what you've written as text and photo. Awesome!
  8. Hi Ever-fans! It's the 30-day paperless challenge at the moment and that's an awesome idea, by the way. When I found out about the challenge I was actually in the final stages of writing up a post on going paperless. Of course, there's plenty of mentions of Evernote. Anyway, I'm keen to hear your feedback on my post. Did I miss anything? Did I give you an idea or two (or three)? Was it helpful? The post is here: http://www.cloudproductivity.net/3-ways-to-go-paperless/ Thanks!
  9. right-click on note -> export yep, that'll work
  10. I'm using Mac. Couldn't see a way to export a single note, only to export all notes into an archive.
  11. Is there any way to check the differences between a conflicted note and the original? When you have a sync conflict issue and the note is big, scanning through them with your eyeballs can be problematic. Is there a way to "Compare this to the original" or "Compare this note to..." to simply highlight the differences between the two?
  12. Yeah I'm having the same issue. If I go to the main Skitch view and hit the "i" in the top right corner it lets you enter your Evernote info, but after hitting "Login", it doesn't seem to do anything. Though, if you enter wrong login info it lets you know. So it seems that is connecting to the right server for authentication, but the actual app itself isn't handling it correctly.
  13. Or, if you're on a Mac, go File > Save PDF to Evernote (like I've shown here: http://www.cloudproductivity.net/5-tips-to-save-time-in-evernote/) Or... use the Evernote web clipper!
  14. In a continued effort to go paperless, I've started to setup online billing with many utilities. This means that instead of getting a bill in the mail, the send a PDF of it to my email account. I've just setup a sweet relationship between my Gmail workflow and Evernote to handle these bills effortlessly and automatically. Have a read for the full how-to on what I did here: http://www.cloudproductivity.net/how-to-track-ebills-with-evernote/ Comments and feedback are always welcomed!
  15. @Jefff510 I had the issue where the Save PDF to Evernote option wasn't appearing for me too. Make sure you're running the latest version. Try a clean install (completely delete evernote, reboot, then re-install), or contact support (that's what I did).
  16. Hi, I'm a huge evernote fan and would like to share a few quick tips I've been using to get the most out of evernote by making you workflow more efficient. I've actually written a blog article that goes into 5 of these tips. You can find it here: http://www.cloudproductivity.net/5-tips-to-save-time-in-evernote/ Oh and I've just downloaded Hello and Food... they're going to be awesome!! Love it! Thanks, Jeremy
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