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  1. Now it's working again after letting it sit for a while - must be a backend server issue.
  2. Yeah, something seems to be wrong. I updated to the latest version of OS X Mountain Lion and the latest version of Evernote desktop (Version 5.2.1 (401587)) and when I try to login to the desktop client I get the error: Please check your internet connection or try again later. I can login via the web client on Safari just fine. I've even reset my password but the desktop client still fails with the same error above.
  3. Yeah, 3.3.1 seems to have broken this not only for printing PDF's directly to Evernote but using my Fujitsu S1300 scanner. This worked fine in 3.3.0.
  4. The trick I've found for rotating the image correctly in EN, is to right-click on the image in EN and open it in Preview. Then from the Tools menu in Preview choose to Rotate Left or Rotate Right. Then close. Viola! the image is now correctly rotated in EN. Give that a shot. Oh and this is assuming you're on a Mac using the EN desktop app.
  5. In the Profile Setting for Scan To Evernote, I found that the OCR setting appears in both the Application Settings for Evernote and in the File Option section to set them to do the OCR for Searchable PDF through the first page or all pages. Which one is correct and should I be using both - so Evernote is able to utilize a full search and the file that is created also has full search? Note: I'm using a ScanSnap S1300 on a Mac running OS X Lion.
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