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  1. I have EN running on my Samsung S6. The battery on the S6 is not the best and I have started using a task killer and one of the apps that keep running in the background (even when I don't open it) is EN. Is there a way to stop this so that I can conserve some battery? Thanks.
  2. When is Penultimate coming to windows 8? And is there a good alternate?
  3. I cannot seem to find where the button is to insert a checkbox in the windows 8 version of evernote. Anyone point me in the right direction? I make lots of daily/weekly work and personal lists. Thanks.
  4. Hello. I use Evernote for school and I break my classes out as an individual notebook. Everyday I just amend the following day's notes so i am just use same note over and over throughout semester. I put that days date where I start the new part (6-18-12 for example) and if I hit CMD+F to search within the note and I search for "6-18-12" I don't just get that result but all the "6's" "18's" etc. The dash apparently is *****ing up my search. Is it possible to search for a date written in this format without all the extra hits? Thanks.
  5. I use evernote to take notes in class and I use skitch to draw anything the instructor might draw. When I drag the skitch pic into my evernote note, I have to drop way below the picture to type. My question, is there any way to send the picture "backwards" like I would in word so that I could type over the picture? Thanks. fleeper
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