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  1. Recently upgraded to 6.10 (454267 Direct) for Mac. I'd like to see this keyboard shortcut restored. If it was intentionally removed, then that was a retrograde decision. While we can add a shortcut, it's a bad decision to make users customise shortcuts for something that has been part of Evernote for a long time. If it was accidentally removed, then that's a bug, and should be fixed. Other than that, I like Evernote! Regards, Ken. Update: I added a shortcut for Show Fonts in application Evernote using System Preferences, but it doesn't work properly. Firstly, it only sometimes displays the Fonts dialog. If I try it again, I just get hear sound indicating an error or an unknown key-stroke. Secondly, I can't use it to hide the dialog. Previous behaviour was that Cmd-T would toggle showing/hiding the Fonts dialog. So, the workaround of adding the shortcut yourself does not work. Further Update: My issue was caused by my adding a shortcut for Show Fonts only. When the Fonts dialog displays, the menu item changes from Show Fonts to Hide Fonts. Hence hitting Cmd-T again was not hiding the dialog, as I reported above. I've added a second shortcut via System Preferences for Hide Fonts, giving it the same key-stroke, Cmd-T, and it's all working as it should now. Because there was no shortcut for Hide Fonts, after my first attempt, I was hearing the error 'honk'. Having said all that, I'd still like to see Evernote restore the shortcut out of the box.
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