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  1. It has been a looooooong waiting. Hope this bug be fixed soon. Thank you!
  2. Hope this problem will be fixed soon. thanks. And thanks for your suggestion cowboy, I just think it's too complicated to create many shortcut.
  3. Maxikk, Thanks for your reply. I made two files in my local dropbox folder. one with Chinese characters"文件", and another is only in English, The first link has no action when I click it while the second one working properly. please check the following picture. thanks.
  4. Grimmknuckle, Thanks for your reply! My operating system is also Windows 7 and had Chinese language support installed.Everything works good and the characters can be displayed properly only when I'm trying to link some local files with the file name has Chinese characters, i can't open the documents when I'm clicking the links.Very strange.
  5. Hello, Is there anyone who have the experience working with file names including Chinese characters? When I trying to insert a local file link with Chinese characters in the path or the file names ,it won't work. Please help to solve this problem.
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