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  1. Thanks to the support of Giovanna from EN Support I figured my problems out. I thought EN gives me a searchable PDF that I'd be able to select text from. jbenson2 pointed that out. I must say that I am pretty unhappy with that and am going back to my old workflow (like jbenson2) and index my PDFs locally.
  2. I have a premium account that (right now) won't be renewed in january. @BurgersNFrieds: All these criteria meet my situation, so I'll be posting an issue on your support link.
  3. First of all: thank you guys for the quick answer. To #1: I just wonder how long it takes, because I dropped a pdf into EN this morning and It still got no OCR. I have a wild theory: Since I am not a friend of premium subscriptions I canceled the premium account to the end of this month, BUT right now I am a paying premium member. Could it be that accounts that are not "unlimited" premium members are treated that way? To #2: Since I dont even get my PDFs/Notes inside EN indexed I can not check that right now. So still my documents are not being indexed. Any hints what I can do? Sincerely, Gregory
  4. Hey guys, I am using Evernote as a document trunk for my private analog mail. I started this by using OCRx and manually Indexing the scanned PDF documents. Since I am now a premium member I wanted to know about EN capabilities for PDF OCR/indexing. Does Evernote execute the PCR process on the server side? (Here) spg SCOTT points out, that the OCR is done on the server and it needs a magical span of time until its synced back to the client? Is the result of OCR/Indexing put back inside the source PDF? (Here) jbenson2 says "The Evernote OCR process only works in Evernote. Once the PDF is pulled and sent elsewhere it is no longer searchable." Is that true? Sincerely, Gregory
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