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  1. Thanks for the replies, unfortunately the space bar trick doesn't work. Must be platform specific if you are getting lucky with it. I guess we will have to see in the future if this option makes it into a future build. Until then, I add notes via android, and just "reformat" them later via windows client. As the saying goes, beggars can't be choosers...
  2. Hi Evernote, First I would like to say you have an amazing product, and I have temporarily converted from my original OneNote deployments to Evernote. It truly works exceptionally well except in one small regard... ...The TAB Key.... I use outline formats for my notes as I find it easier to keep track of things. Through the Website and Windows client this is fine, as I can use the TAB key to indent to the next lower level and Evernote will automatically put the bullet in a next space appropriately. I will say that the formatting support through OneNote still has some other advantages in this regard as they have more options for font support, bullet layout etc., but we can save that for another discussion. The problem with the android client is that it doesn't recognize the tab key. That being said, yes, I know that most android devices don't even have a tab key to begin, such as my HTC EVO Shift, however my ASUS Transformer does via it's keyboard docking station, and I am sure so does Apple given the various Bluetooth keyboards that are available. The second part of this issue is that when I create an outline format via the web or Windows client, and may have several sub notes and bullets under the main start of the outline, I can view it just as I created it inside the Android client. However if I attempt to "edit" that particular note, all previously created and saved formatting is immediately lost and all lines are shifted back to standard left. I would like to see this small issue corrected at some point. It is my last hold out to fully converting over to Evernote. Regards
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