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  1. PinkElephant you sound defensive. That's OK, maybe you can still get a trophy. Furthermore, the evidence contradicts what you state. If this is the "most agile time" then why are major features still horribly broken 6 months later? (By the way I run a S/W development company, so don't try to lecture me about technical debt, bug backlog, burndown rate, agile techniques, etc. -- most people just see the end product) Have you ever bought a product (I think I'm in my 11th year paying for EN) and had it not deliver on what you paid for? And then complaining is not appropriate? 2 of my colleagues and one employee used to work at EN. They said that morale isn't good. Fair enough, sample size of 2. But when I hear that and the product reflects that (plenty of other bugs, and there didn't used to be so many user-facing bugs) that isn't a good sign. And yet all I see on new release notes are (IMO) either superficial tweaks or things that I don't care about (and no one on my team cares about, from a recent discussion we had on Slack) I hope you get your trophy.
  2. Mid March, version 10.9 on MacOS, and print to PDF is still horribly broken. Time to jettison this garbage application. It's clear that it has fallen mightily and isn't getting love or attention anymore. Development team is probably a skeleton crew compared to the old days. This is what happens when your funding is tight, competitors have overtaken you, developers quit and no one is driving the boat. Sad. Boo Evernote. You used to be (years ago) so much better. Now you've lost your way.
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