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  1. I've used a wide variety of programs for keeping a diary, and have settled on Evernote. A few compelling reasons.. 1) Windows, Mac, iPad, web, and email-in access. on the iPad I use Evernote app, FastEver (a "write only" app which starts instantly and works offline), and aNote (though not as much). The great thing is that any note created on any of these is accessible everywhere (though aNote can only see it's folders). This also means that my diary is backed up on at least two machines and architectures (I save archives regularly) and in the cloud. 2) A bulk import process (not just the ability to import from a few services which I have never used). Although it required a little programming, I was able to convert other digital diaries to Evernote by producing enex exports. In the past I've used yeah write (a vintage 2007 plain text document management system that exports to pidgin-HTML), TreePad, Notetab (divided plain text), loose HTML, text, word, and pages files, emails to myself, and of course paper. 3) An export process. Although the cloud is great, I miss the security of having data on a flash drive or DVD kept in a safe place. Also, the export format is documented so that I'd have a chance of converting it to some other tool if I decide to. 3) web clipping and screenshots. It's the easiest way of capturing screenshots that I know of. 4) simple editing with text and pictures. I'm not producing stuff for publications so I don't care about image resizing, having to draw frames around images, deciding how text flows around images, and all the other stuff you sometimes have to do with word processors. 5) ability to attach files, and have PDFs visible in the body of a note. The one downside is handling of dates. Windows has the best interface for setting dates, and the web has no capability of setting dates. Since I mostly use .enex files for importing old entries, the main need for me to set dates is for future entries (reminders), late entries, and emails forwarded from my 2006-present collection of emails.
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