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  1. Tada - I finally figured it out. You have to tap in just the right place inside the title box. Too much to the left or the right and you get sent back to the list of notes. But if you tap in just the right spot on the left end of the title box, you are presented with a fillable field where you can enter your title.
  2. Sorry for being so dense but I can't figure out how to add a title to a note in Evernote for iOS. I see the Title box - it even has the word 'Title' in it - but if I tap in the box I just get sent back to the list of notes in my notebook. What am I doing wrong? I have a growing collection of untitled notes.
  3. I owe this Board an apology since I can now see that "Show Save to Evernote button on PDF pages" is, in fact, a configurable option.
  4. Recently I started to notice that whenever I open a PDF online I see a message "Save PDF to Evernote." I don't recall seeing this feature in Evernote preferences and I don't want it. How can I turn this off or otherwise stop seeing "Save PDF to Evernote" when I open a PDF online?
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