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  1. Tada - I finally figured it out. You have to tap in just the right place inside the title box. Too much to the left or the right and you get sent back to the list of notes. But if you tap in just the right spot on the left end of the title box, you are presented with a fillable field where you can enter your title.
  2. Sorry for being so dense but I can't figure out how to add a title to a note in Evernote for iOS. I see the Title box - it even has the word 'Title' in it - but if I tap in the box I just get sent back to the list of notes in my notebook. What am I doing wrong? I have a growing collection of untitled notes.
  3. I owe this Board an apology since I can now see that "Show Save to Evernote button on PDF pages" is, in fact, a configurable option.
  4. Recently I started to notice that whenever I open a PDF online I see a message "Save PDF to Evernote." I don't recall seeing this feature in Evernote preferences and I don't want it. How can I turn this off or otherwise stop seeing "Save PDF to Evernote" when I open a PDF online?
  5. This question is about the Evernote Windows desktop client. As I am working in a note, I notice that the list of notebooks on the left side of the interface is constantly scrolling. The scrolling happens when I move my cursor from the note to the menus (and vice versa), or when I cut and paste within a note. The scrolling also happens when I move the cursor away from the interface onto the desktop or another open window. The constant scrolling is quite distracting. Can I make it stop? [Evernote 5.8.13 running on Windows 8.1]
  6. The Evernote Web Clipper extension has a keyboard shortcut for "Preview full page" that uses F. This conflicts with the Google Chrome keyboard shortcut Ctrl+F that opens the Find bar. When pressing Ctrl+F in Chrome, the web page sometimes magnifies (zooms). Anyone else experience this?
  7. According to Evernote technical support "there is currently no option in Android client to disable announcements." I'll just have to ignore them.
  8. In the Evernote desktop client I was able to disable Announcements from the View menu [View > Left Panel > Show Announcements]. How do I disable Announcements in the Android client?
  9. Thank you. I'll continue to use and benefit from the Clipper.
  10. Sorry. The browser is Google Chrome 25 and the version of Clipper is 5.9.9. I have two URLs for you, both from the PC World website: http://www.pcworld.com/article/2029565/new-divx-stash-stores-all-your-online-videos-in-one-place.html http://www.pcworld.com/article/2029559/why-microsofts-pushing-office-subscriptions.html I just started using Clipper (which in all other respects is terrific), so I haven't installed it on any other browsers or tried to clip any other articles. Thanks for your help.
  11. I have Evernote 4.6.2 on Windows 7 x64 with Evernote Clipper. For some reason, my web clips have a small, white, opaque rectangle in the upper left corner of the note. (See the attachment.) The rectangle is fixed, i.e., it does not move as I scroll through my web clips. I see the rectangle on the desktop client and the web client, but not on my Andoid phone (v4.5.4 of Evernote is installed.) How can I get rid of the rectangle?
  12. Well, I think everyone has made their point by now. It's clear - to me, at least - that a portable version of Evernote is just not going to happen any time soon. It's not a priority for the developers, for reasons we need to respect even if we don't agree. Those of us who wish for a portable version have recourse to third parties. There's also the web client (which I hope has a higher priority on the devs to-do list.) If I was smart, I would stop here. But no, I have to make another comment: Sometimes, users take your software in directions you don't expect.
  13. My original post (which I thank the mods for moving to this thread) was based on my perception, from viewing third-party efforts, that making a portable version of Evernote is a relatively simple task. After all, if third-parties not associated with Evernote can do it more or less successfully, then how tough can it be, right? And if it's not that tough to do, and since uncounted thousands of Evernote users cannot install software on their work computers, then why not go ahead and do it? It doesn't have to support every single feature of the installed client - not all portable versions do. Tell you what: If the EN-ers can improve the web interface to the point where it virtually mimics the installed client, I'll stop asking for a portable solution.
  14. Let me start by saying how much I appreciate Evernote. It's a terrific and well thought-out application, and I rely on it every day. Well worth the price for a Premium subscription, too. Many people have already asked for a portable version of Evernote, and I will add my vote to theirs. What I do not understand is why the developers have been so reluctant to provide this product. The "official" reason given in previous threads was that Evernote is waiting for a large enough demand before investing the time in a portable version. I find this reasoning mystifying. In the first place, this forum has demonstrated substantial demand, and if further evidence is needed, look at all the third-party attempts to make this work. And when I look at the third-party efforts, it does not appear that Herculean effort is needed to make Evernote portable. On the one hand, Evernote doesn't offer its own portable application. On the other hand, it's not trying (hard) to quash third-party solutions. So my question is: How about coming clean: Will we ever see a portable version of Evernote - from Evernote - and if not, what is the real reason? It can't be due to technological challenges, so it must come from the marketing department. If Evernote feels that it can't offer a portable version for marketing or competitive reasons, fine - those are legitimate reasons. I just want the real deal. [Mod: merged this post with ongoing Portable Evernote topic]
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