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  1. I recently purchased the Canon P-150 scanner and am having some difficulties. I'm trying to figure out how to delete selected scanned images when multiple pages are scanned. For example, I am scanning the holiday cards I want to save and I don't need a copy of the back of the card that says the manufacturers name and information. Is there a way I can delete selected pages after the multiple pages have been scanned?
  2. I was about to order the Canon P-150 scanner but then I found out that Canon just recently released the Canon P-215 scan tini scanner. Any thoughts on the Canon P-215 scanner? It looks like it has similar features to the 150 but it has a built-in reader which I don't think I really need since I will be just using for personal use only. But I like the design of the 215 better but I don't know if it's worth the extra $40 or so. Ben
  3. How do you encrypt documents using some other encryption application before loading them into Evernote?
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