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  1. It was checked. I ended up unchecking it, rechecking it and then restarting the app. That appears to have worked! Wonder if the setting was cached. Either way, thank you for the helpful suggestion.
  2. My goal is to have Evernote save my username and password and automatically log me in every time I start up the mac version of the app. Seems easy enough, the first time I fire up the application I enter my username / password and check the "stay signed in" checkbox. After a successful login I then shut Evernote down. The problem is every time I start a new session with Evernote it pops up the login screen, even though I asked it to stay signed in. Subsequently I find myself rarely using the app because I don't want to enter in my password each time. I tried deleting the app and re-installing it to no avail. This is not a problem for Evernote on my iPhone. Anyone else have this issue? Thanks in advance.
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