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  1. Addition information on the "Reminders Info" Bug I posted earlier. After further testing, it appears the images in each of the notes are actually covering up the Reminders Information as proven by the Test Note containing no image.
  2. With "Cards" view selected for Note List and "Show reminders" selected for Note Preview (see attached), the reminder information for notes is not shown for each note as it is when the "Snippets" view is selected. Please fix accordingly. Thank You.
  3. It appears I am having the same issue as TNASEEM. New notes I now create and then tag, do not show up when filtering by the assigned tag. The notes are in the assigned Notebook and do show the tag assigned, but do not show up when filtering by tag. This was not occurring prior to the the 10.3.7 release.
  4. With both Windows 10.3.7 version and Evernote Web, new notes created are not associating and displaying with assigned TAGs.
  5. I have a Picture in each of my Notes which show up as Thumbnails in the "Notes List View" for every note. The problem is when the Picture is changed in the Note, the Thumbnail in the "Notes List View" remains the original Picture and not the changed Picture. I have to create a New Note with the changed Picture in order to get the new Thumbnail to show correctly in the "Notes List View". Thank you for your assistance with this issue.
  6. Thank You. Worked for me, but have experienced other issues in the drag and drop between apps. Have gone back to 6.17.
  7. Updated to Beta 3 this morning. There is a Blank Area above Note Lists that will not go away.
  8. So today the new Public URL view is remaining constant, so I'm guessing Evernote is done with this new work. You will notice the attachments have a new look and layout which I personally like.
  9. We've noticed over the past couple of weeks, that when viewing Public URLs, the format of the viewed Evernote webpage changes from time to time. It appears a new version is being worked on where attachments have a new presentation and font style has changed. Can anyone from Evernote provide any information on my observations and if this new Public URL webpage presentation is actually in the works and when will it be completed?
  10. Morning All. After installing beta, it appears notes have a major problem being printed. Going back to previous version.
  11. The ability to double click images and have them open in the Evernote Image Viewer appears to no longer be active. Must now have to go through the Right Click, Open, to view images. Please fix.
  12. So the Evernote version I'm using ( (306770) Public (CE Build ce-1.39.4387)) does not do what it is supposed to do, that is, when the shape button is selected, the shapes I draw (circles, squares, triangles) do not regularize as suggested above. This is the case whether drawing using a mouse on my desktop or using a pen on my Note 4. Something is broken.
  13. Hi Jason. It appears it doesn't matter the type of content. I've tried dragging and dropping attached Word, PDF, and Excel files from MS Outlook into EXISTING notes and it just doesn't work. Now what I have discovered is that I can drag and drop the same MS Outlook attachments into the Note List panel and a NEW note is created with the file included. Again, it doesn't work with EXISTING notes.
  14. Although it was announced that "Several fixes to support drag and drop of content from Microsoft Office apps and File explorer to Evernote and vice-versa" was included in the 5 beta release, I still cannot drag and drop attachments from MS Outlook into Evernote. Can anyone else verify the problem still exists?
  15. Looks like the problems of dragging attachments into notes from Outlook still remain in this new beta release, hopefully to be fixed soon! I'm staying at 6.7.5.
  16. Dragging & Dropping or simple Copying of document files directly from MS Outlook into Evernote does not work. You have to move Outlook attachment documents out of Outlook first, and then Dragging & Dropping or simple Copying into Evernote will work.
  17. Just want to point out this problem identified sometime back where attachments cover up cell drop down menu items is still an issue and requires attention please.
  18. I too echo all the comments thus far regarding the 800 px limitation and the recommended suggestions. Based on the large number of notes I share to non-Evernote folks by URLs, I don't think there could be an update that would make me as happy as this would. Please make this happen or at least let us know you are going to work on it.
  19. No sir, notes are not being edited at the same time and we have verified that edited notes are undergoing a sync-with-server action.
  20. Here is a problem I have noticed since the 1st beta with some information that may be of help. I have only two folders, "Inbox" and "My Notes". While editing notes located in "My Notes" folder, I have been very frustrated at the constant unwanted syncing taking place (I have syncing options set so that automatic syncing should not be taking place). This unwanted syncing is causing delays having to wait for syncing to complete every 8 to 10 seconds. I have also noticed that I do not have this automatic syncing problem with notes located in my "Inbox" folder. The difference between the two folde
  21. This issue has been reported previously and does not appear to be corrected in this newest beta release. The Menu Items for cells is hidden behind documents that are stored in individual cells.
  22. Not sure if this Bug has been reported or not. It appears the "Cell Alignment" feature does not "save" new selection whether it be "Align Content to Center" or "Align Content to Bottom". The cell's alignment setting returns to the default, "Align Content to Top".
  23. It's been over 2 months since the Windows Beta was released - when can we expect the next update?
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