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  1. I love Evernote, and I still use it over OneNote, but I wish I can type and doodle in the same note. Making the image elsewhere and bringing it into notes is just not the same. Plus I can't just cross stuff out, circle things, make comments all over like I can on OneNote right now.
  2. I can no longer edit the title of the note in the Note Title bar up at the top above the note itself. The title isn't even displayed there any more. The only way to change the title is to OPEN the note in a separate window, then everything looks normal. I've closed the application, ended all related tasks in my task manager as well. Reopened Evernote, same thing. Anyone else ever experience this? (I know I CAN still change the note title, but having to open it in another window is pretty clunky.) Thanks.
  3. Can't stop using stickies, not having to click multiple times to get to them, and being able to drag them around the screen is too important. It's a different way of organizing certain things. Taking ss of my desktop would just be ridiculous for editing purposes. =) Will have to check out that app when I get a chance, though I wouldn't be able to use it with my phone. =/
  4. I recently started using Evernote, and absolutely love it. Cloud is awesome! Anyway, not sure where to post this but I wish there was a Sticky Notes version of Evernote. I've always been a huge Post-it user. The wall next to my desk used to be covered in them (still is somewhat...)! Now I put some of them in Evernote, and some are on the Sticky Notes software that comes with Windows. Problem is, I have 3 computers, not to mention my phone. So while I can access everything on Evernote on any of these devices, the Sticky Notes are all local. :/ While I CAN in theory put them in Evernote, I like being able to have them on little patches on my desktop. I can scroll over the icon to see them with Aero Peek for quick reference. It's also a different organizing system since you can drag the stickies around rather than making lists in a single note, or poking around different notes in the Evernote interface. Sooo it would be awesome to have some integrated sticky note software with Evernote! Cloud stickies! One can dream... Any other Post-it addict feel the same way? (Or anyone with Evernote tricks that can make-shift solve my Sticky situation?)
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