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  1. Hi thanks for the reply, sorry i did not get any notification there was a response, new to the forum ; ) hmm i am currently on free membership, and am finding quite hard to contact support directly, hence why i am on the forums. tried searching online and enabled DEBUG menu, but found they have removed re-indexing. will try contacting support, but was wondering if this is a known bug, or just somethign i am experiencing. THanks ; )
  2. Hi everyone, and dev team. I am finding odd bug on Windows desktop App. I read/write korean, and have some notes (scrapped, self made) notes that is written in Korean language (not photo, but actual characters). I had no problem searching them before, on any platform, however not sure since when, but having trouble searching for korean characters. the search results in zero findings. however, i still can search for all my notes properly on web app + android app + ipad app. so i am assuming this is localized problem with windows desktop app. Can DEV look into this? or anybody else having this problem? thanks!
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