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  1. Evernote, Good job on making it easy to switch back from the beta. In a moment of weakness I tried it and was afraid I was stuck. For me, I didn't like it. I use the web interface on a PC at work where I can't install the client. I found it much harder to do anything, and everything kept jumping around. Too much white space. One thing that seemed crazy to me is that the Evernote icon in the upper left wasn't clickable. It looks clickable.
  2. Awesome! Thank you. For me, the feature is annoying and distracting, and doesn't pick (what I would consider) related notes anyway. But the ability to turn it off makes it all better!
  3. I'd like to turn the Related Notes feature off. I didn't see an option to do that, but maybe I'm not looking in the right place. Can anyone tell me how to do that? I don't remember seeing related notes before. I recently went premium. Is that why I see them? Thank you
  4. I am assuming you are referring to the date and time stamp for the actual Evernote note. From a different perspective, some people include text in their note that pertains to a specific date, along with with the attachment. Example - one of my relatives sent me a word doc with some info on her wedding. There was a typo in it which I corrected, but the wedding date did not change. A minor edit of an attachment would not warrant a change in the date for the entire note. If the revised date of the document is important, then Evernote Windows does permit the user to over-ride the creation date and time. Asking Evernote to figure out which date is more important (the note vs the attachment) would be a difficult (possibly impossible) task. I understand your point. As an alternate point of view, to my mind a modification, however small, is a modification, and if Evernote says it sorts by time modified, then to me a note in which the attachment has change, has been modified. If there is any convention in the world of applications, I would say that is it. For that matter, many systems keep a time stamp for time created and a separate one for time modified. Now, no doubt you have an opposing point of view, and clearly, Evernote does. To my mind, though, it would be more useful if the modification time changed when an attachment changes.
  5. I am using Evernote for Windows, (267980) Public. I just found out that I can open a file that's in an Evernote note, edit it, and save it, and it saves to the note. I never knew that. That's pretty cool. Unfortunately, when I do that, it retains the same date and time stamp from when I added it to the note. That is a problem, because since the data it is showing me is now erroneous, it is misleading. I would rather it show me no information than wrong information. Is this a bug, or am I doing something wrong? Thanks
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