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  1. I'm running evernote 3.0.5 (209942), on Mac OS 10.6.8 I usually work with the left hand panel for notebooks & tags, middle panel for note index, with wide right hand panel for viewing / editing the note. I often use the arrow keys to navigate through notes in the middle panel and the note in the viewer changes as I arrow through the notes in the index. In the uploaded screen shot (09:48:46) you can see note 3 is highlighted in the index panel, note 3 is visible in the note viewer panel. There are certain notes, however, that get "stuck" in the note viewer panel. In the second screen shot (09:52:45) you can see that the "update buykx family tree" note has got stuck in the viewer panel. The note "return library book" is highlighted in the index panel but the content is not reflected in the viewer panel. The only way to access the content of the "return library book" note is to double click and open a separate window for the note. The problem persists through creating a new note. When I create a new note, the index panel refreshes, putting new "untitled note" at the top of the list, but the note in the viewer is still the "update buykx family tree", see screen shot 09:55:26. The note has been put into edit mode and the title field is highlighted ready to type - this has caught me out several times and is particularly fraught. The only way to clear the "stuck" note is to quit evernote and restart. I have tried to diagnose what type of note might cause this problem e.g. created by iphone, with pdf attachment, with images, with checkboxes, but to no avail. One note of the type might cause the problem, others do not. Anyone else experience this or have any suggestions for how to overcome?
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