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  1. I'd like to see a little more enhancement to the text editor. The WYSIWYG editor for this forum has more options than the editor for the evernote interface. Frankly, there are a number of basic options that could use reinforcement before branching off into the "social" arena (of photos), which frankly, I'm not interested in.
  2. Excellent suggestions, thanks! My problem is not so much searching for topics, but my skimming reading style not allowing me to keep track of exactly where I am on a page. It's more of a personal problem, but I find that as I am reviewing my notes, the deeper I drill down, I tend to lose track of the "breadcrumb" that lead me to the segment I am reading. Since it's an outline, theoretically, the line above should tell me, but in my outlining style, the actual topic is at least several lines above. I love the workflowy interface- I found that one can click on the bullet and the formatting re-arranges. Very nice. A nice formatting suggestion would be to have a "breadcrumb" trail on the top that indicates where you are, like this: Asthma > treatments > short acting bronchodilators > agents it could be placed above the outlined area. I am not familiar with the programming interface of evernote at all, but if I were to program it in HTML and PHP, I would use the <ul> list elements to tell me each crumb piece. Then as I scroll up or down, it could tell me what I was reading about.
  3. Hello! I am typing in my notes (I'm using the mac version of evernote), and I find myself sometimes losing track of the bulleted topic I was working on, and I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions on how to work around it. Here's an example. I am currently typing up a note on asthma treatments- an outline, essentially. While everything is (somewhat) outlined, I'd like some way to indicate that "this" block of information is related to the short acting bronchodilators. I've copied and pasted what I have. I tried to color code it, which isn't ideal. My goal is to basically- highlight it, I guess. Now, here's what I've tried: writing it out, then scanning it- not ideal, and I'd like to spend more time working the material in my head, than scanning it in and trying to get it through the scanner. Writing it out, and taking a picture of it- even worse. I've also tried typing it in word, then copying and pasting it. Does any one have any suggestions?
  4. Hi...I noticed today that note links are not working in android, evernote version 4.0.4, build 257650. I get a message of "note not found" when I click on the link. The same link worked previously, and currently still work on mac and ipad clients. I have confirmed this error on two android devices.
  5. Ok, I put in a support request, and I got a single response back telling me to empty my Trash. I did, and restarted, and the syncing error message continued. (However, notes were still syncing, just an error message). I replied to their suggestion, and haven't heard back, and that was two days ago. Pretty disappointing, considering I'm a paying customer. On my own, I deleted all of my shared notebooks- notebooks that someone else created, and I was viewing- and the message stopped. I was subscribed to Ron's Evernote tips, and another one from an Emergency Medicine blog. So try this- it might work better than contacting support.
  6. I'm getting this error message as well! Anyone have any ideas?
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