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  1. Boy, what a pain. I left Evernote a year or two ago for Dropbox, due in large part to the absence of selective sync in Evernote. But, frankly, the note-taking experience in the Dropbox-based iOS solutions I tried sucks compared to Evernote. So I decided to come back, after I took stock of where Evernote was, development-wise. I was aware that selective sync was not implemented yet, but I conned myself into thinking that the stock answer around here -- use two accounts, and share notebooks as necessary -- wasn't all that bad. It is and anyone who thinks that's a good solution doesn't understand why the people asking for selective sync are so desperate for that functionality. But, I gave it a shot, and was irritated that there isn't a way to share (or accept) notebooks in bulk -- nope, one-by-one is the only option. But I kept conning myself, as once the notebooks were shared, things seemed good. The last straw, though, is that you can't take joined notebooks offline! I didn't see that coming! Why not -- support says it's a limitation of the device (iOS). I don't get why your own notebooks can go offline, but not shared notebooks. Assuming there's a good reason, it doesn't change the fact that there remains no alternative for people seeking selective sync. Taking the foregoing into account along with the other compromises Evernote makes to my own preferred organization structure (which requires more than one level of hierarchy, put simply -- sorry, tags aren't the be-all, end-all), I'm left completely disappointed (AGAIN!). So close, Evernote!
  2. If Apple does as good a job with whatever-their-competing-client-is on Windows as they did with iTunes, well, I will wait to be impressed. In any event, I'd like Evernote to offer Selective Sync.
  3. +1 for Selective Sync. This seems like a basic feature as we approach 2012. Apple's given EN a head start, but they're coming for this segment, too.
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