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  1. Boy, what a pain. I left Evernote a year or two ago for Dropbox, due in large part to the absence of selective sync in Evernote. But, frankly, the note-taking experience in the Dropbox-based iOS solutions I tried sucks compared to Evernote. So I decided to come back, after I took stock of where Evernote was, development-wise. I was aware that selective sync was not implemented yet, but I conned myself into thinking that the stock answer around here -- use two accounts, and share notebooks as necessary -- wasn't all that bad. It is and anyone who thinks that's a good solution doesn't under
  2. If Apple does as good a job with whatever-their-competing-client-is on Windows as they did with iTunes, well, I will wait to be impressed. In any event, I'd like Evernote to offer Selective Sync.
  3. +1 for Selective Sync. This seems like a basic feature as we approach 2012. Apple's given EN a head start, but they're coming for this segment, too.
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