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  1. "Brilliant". Until 8.0.3 I was at least able to run it on the iPhone (while the iPad was constantly crashing on startup). Now with 8.0.3 even that is gone. Shame on you, Evernote! This is a disaster.
  2. Sure, but the idea fails if I can't search i.e. filter for entries with today's date and only today's date.
  3. Thanks for your reply. The background of my question is my attempt to migrate from "The Journal" (which lacks a mobile solution) to Evernote. I've used "The Journal" as an all-in-one tool for notes, project, journal and todo list (by creating entries at dates in the future). The idea is to set the creation date into the future when an action is due.
  4. Is there a way to search for entries with today's creation date? Or this week? created:day -created:day+1 doesn't seem to work. +1 is interpreted as a term to search for not as tomorrow.
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