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  1. Well said. I can't remember to have encountered a worse update of any application I've ever used before. A total lack of profound QA especially with multiple devices in use and a substantial amount of (stacked) notebooks and notes. Additionally, several bugs that are so obvious but still not fixed making me asked myself whether there are any feature descriptions at all to test against. Especially the beta testing phase isn't worth mentioning. Who on earth would spent significant time and risk with one's productive system in a beta phase.
  2. Basic bugs still not fixed: Entering a horizontal line above an existing horizontal line positions the cursor after the existing horizontal line instead of between the lines. Internal links are still ordinary https:// urls (instead of evernote:///)that open a webbrowser on the desktop. Both have been reported via built-in support tickets (and confirmed). What's their software QA process? Unbelievable! The poorest update sequence I've ever encountered in decades!
  3. "Brilliant". Until 8.0.3 I was at least able to run it on the iPhone (while the iPad was constantly crashing on startup). Now with 8.0.3 even that is gone. Shame on you, Evernote! This is a disaster.
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