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  1. Hi there, any news on this? I also have this problem in China. I guess since China's Androiid Market doesn't support paid apps yet, it will block any app including in-app payment/donation systems, even if the app itself is free. Now in China you can get the Evernote widget, but not the Evernote app. I contacted Google about it and they just say that the developers limited the availability in my country, which is not true. So I don't know if they are not aware of this issue or just ignoring it. How are you guys trying to fix it? Have you informed Google about it? Are you trying to fix it directly on your end? Any information could be of help, since this issue affects not only Evernote, but all kinds of free apps with in-app donation/payment systems, which is really bothersome. Thanks for your time.
  2. Actually, the app is not available in China's Android Market, apparently because of the in-app payment system, since even if the app per se is free, the China's Android Market doesn't support paid apps yet. So this is a horrible bug for all of us in China, not only for this app, but also for many others.
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