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  1. Really glad that Evernote has two-factor. I only recently discovered this so I am late to the game. But one question: It only allows identifying a computer for 30 days, implying I have to every 30 days re-enter an authentication code. This seems odd to me. If I am going to authorize a particular computer at all it seems I would either say don't remember the computer at all (such as using a public computer) or say that I want to remember it always (using my own computer). All other sites I use that rely upon two-factor have this binary decision with a single check mark to remember the computer or not. What would be the purpose for only remembering an owned computer for 30 days? What would be the purpose of remembering a public computer for as much as 30 days? I'm sure I'm missing other aspects of how this might be helpful but it is definitely not helpful in my case -- and is even annoying. I want to be able to say "remember this computer" and be done with it because I use it all the time. Or, I want to not remember it at all, and have to always enter the authentication code so I can be sure I'm not inadvertently leaving it mistakenly accessible for some while after I am no longer using the computer. At minimum, please add an option in addition to the 30-day option to remember a computer indefinitely.
  2. I was not impressed with the "clean" UI to begin with though I felt I'd give it a try. It works but I keep feeling like things are missing - they may not be, but it *feels* like I have lost functionality. The final decision came because of having to click settings to get to a page just so I can log out. That makes the UI just too minimalist for me. I get that maybe many others don't care about being able to logout but I make it a regular practice because: 1) I want it to be habit for when I am using other computers, and 2) my wife and I both use Evernote and we want to leave it ready for the other to login.
  3. FYI: I've had things "disappear" more than once using the web beta in Chrome on Windows 7. Once I had the entire UI disappear except the text entry field - no UI controls, nothing. I had to refresh the page to get them back and that took me to the main view, not to the entry view. Fortunately, it had retained my long text entry.
  4. I had just created a new note and had entered about half of it (maybe 25 lines) and I accidentally hit some key combination that made the controls (menus, icons, etc.) all disappear and the text scrolled up so that only the last couple lines were visible. By cursoring up I was able to get the rest of the text to reappear. But the controls remained missing. The page was completely blank except for the text I was editing. So I copied the text and pasted it into a text editor (just in case) and then refreshed the page. The page re-displayed the regular interface with notes listed on the left, my note on the right. Fortunately, nothing was lost. Unfortunately, I don't know what keys I hit. I was just typing along, could tell I mistyped, and then bam. Running Chrome 38.0.2125.104 m on Windows 7 Home Premium, SP1 x64, 8GB ram.
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