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  1. Ditto here. Just started in the last few days. Nexus 6P.
  2. I'm a Premium user as well and have the same disappointment. It appears that functionality is actually being removed from the desktop version rather than enhanced. The ability to edit the content created from a business card used to be there on desktop but now is gone. Even the "Add Notes" section has been removed! This makes the functionality almost useless to me. I've discovered that OneNote does business card scanning out of the box and of course for free. I've been an Evernote user almost forever and I'm starting to question that decision.
  3. Yep... if the Source URL field is already filled in, then UNDO still works. The problem only occurs if the Source URL field is empty at the time of pasting.
  4. Ran across this post after suffering with the same issues. I just accidentally deleted half of a days work in Evernote because I pasted some html into a note when I had most of the text within the note highlighted. Just moving too quickly and didn't notice I had the previous text selected. This action of course replaced the highlighted text with the html content. Normally no big deal... hit ctrl-z a few times and your off and running. However, cntl-z does NOT work after pasting any html content. I think it may be setting the Source URL in the note and after it does this, the undo stack is inaccessible.
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