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  1. Is there anyone who has used http://reflectapp.io for space repetition? What is your comments and best practice if you use it quite often?
  2. Maybe you can try the Card View and Expanded Card View mode. It is not exactly a flash card but maybe you can use it as it it.
  3. I don't like duplicates since it will cause problem if I occasionally want to update it a little bit. I am so tired to find a proper software to implement this Flash Card + Space Repetition. I have been looking for and compared many of them - Anki, Reflect and Nimblenotes but unfortunately, none of which was proper for me. So I may go back to this very initiative way by creating proper notes and practice it in Evernote and no where else. No tool is perfect but we need to practice and make it better and better. Thanks for all your replies and let's call it a day
  4. For creating flash cards, this software NimbleNotes may worth a try but you have to create manually.
  5. I think changing the tag is not very convenient comparing with my dynamic saved search way since it is one time setup.
  6. For example, I have a note going to my space repetition circle today on 2017-07-30, so I tag this note with 'reflect'. Then, this note will in my saved search result day1 (tag:"reflect" created:day-9 -created:day-8 -tag:"mastered"), which is the first time I review this note; then tomorrow on 2017-07-31, I will review it again since it is my saved search result day2 (tag:"reflect" created:day-2 -created:day-1 -tag:"mastered"); it will go like this and so on. The last time review will happen when I check the saved search day27 (tag:"reflect" created:day-27 -created:day-26 -tag:"mastered").
  7. I tried it and it is great. (i even tell mac to say my name ) I even run some sample in the link your provided - https://dev.evernote.com/doc/articles/applescript.php, and that is interesting. I think I can do more in mac using this script not only for Evernote. I decide to learn this script from the Apple Developers Forum.
  8. I would like to learn using apple scripts to develop some specific features. I guess the Evernote developer forum to the right place to go. Do you have some recommend websites/books to learn this?
  9. I am reviewing on an interval basis saying every 1,2,3,9,27 days for my notes with 'reflect' tag. Your way may not meet this requirement. So I created some saved search to achieve this, which is easy to setup and practical. Here is one example of my saved searches: tag:"reflect" created:day-9 -created:day-8 -tag:"mastered" So this is for the noted 9 days ago. I can create other similar saved searches for other days. Here is how it works: Tag notes with 'reflect' flag on its creation if I decide to space repeat it Open all these saved searches and review them on daily
  10. Yeah, I am serious. I hope I can bear the UI but before I make my mind. I would like to try something else although Anki should be the most reliable software for space repletion. I found this one Reflect which seems quite handy, so I may try it for a while. Using Anki as a habit requires strong discipline but the effort pays.
  11. You're genius. It works well now after your fix. By the way, I used Evernote for quite a few years but I am pretty new to Anki, which doesn't look so good at first glance. Maybe I will keep using it for a while till I can say whether it is proper for me or not for space repetition. In the meanwhile, I found another software 'Reflect' which could turn notes in Evernote for repetition. I bet you must use Anki, do you still use it? How do you feel and do you have other recommend software for space repetition (it's best to relate Evernote since I have tons of stuffs there)?
  12. I encounter this error when importing my notes to Anki. can you help? An error occurred in an add-on. Please post on the add-on forum: https://anki.tenderapp.com/discussions/add-ons Traceback (most recent call last): File "/Users/bin/Library/Application Support/Anki2/addons/Evernote2AnkiMacAddon/Evernote2AnkiMac.py", line 545, in main controller.proceed() File "/Users/bin/Library/Application Support/Anki2/addons/Evernote2AnkiMacAddon/Evernote2AnkiMac.py", line 506, in proceed n1 = self.import_into_anki(cards_to_add, self.deck, self.ankiTag) File "/Users/bin
  13. No, it won't when it is in the title. Even, I tried to quote it using intitle:“some_” but failed.
  14. I am sorry but you misunderstand it. I mean to search using "intitle:_" and you won't get the notes with a title like "some_thing". In addition, I tried using intitle:"_thing" but it failed again. I guess the only way to make it work is to have a space before and after _
  15. Learning the space repetition technique, I would like to implement it in my productivity system. Currently, I used the tag + Finder( sorted by file created date) in my macOS. Do you know the space repetition, and how do you implement it if you do know?
  16. Well, my requirement is to review the flash cards in a space repetition like every 1,2,7,30 days etc... It is a little bit different but how did you do it using apple script?
  17. Here is an example note with title "some_thing". Anyway, it seems correct if I put a space character in and after the _. So I may use this way instead to mark my notes instead.
  18. Vote up for this idea. Evernote discontinued its own software Peek in 2012 saying we can use StudyBlue. But this StudyBlue just closed its connection with Evernote in June, 2017. So what can we do to turn our massive notes to flash cards and review / remember them from time to time. I will be very disappointed if no such function provided in the near future (around half a year), and maybe I will stop pay anymore and eventually export my notes other where instead.
  19. I could get result with _ in the title but not all. That's why it fails. Try to create some new notes with _ in the title, and then you may see it.
  20. The underscore is not supported 100%. If you do a search in your notes with title including "_", you will see not all notes show up.
  21. @DTLow thanks for the reply. Maybe I can use the underscore in my note title to indicate it has been processed.
  22. For example, I would like to find some notes with a "@" in the title. So I used intitle:@ to search in Evernote. However, I did not get what I want: notes having @ in the title or not appears in the search result, which is obviously wrong. This has been admitted by Evernote support team as an issue. I just cannot help to complain for such inconvenience! You my wonder why I would like to search characters like @, - or | in my note title. This is because Evernote does not have the calendar integration function so I have to use the Event Noted (https://www.eventnoted.com) instead. Howev
  23. Thanks but it seems to be complex. I will pass it.
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