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  1. Thanks too, Owen. Yes, your suggestion works universally. In my workflow, I just leave alone the Evernote default title; I find it takes too much effort to edit the title of each note. I have only one Notebook, I tag each of my notes (it's easy, and its necessary for easy retrieval), and I use the powerful Search to unearth a particular note. I do this merging infrequently, and do it only at the computer, usually after I scanned a bunch of documents, where I have the full power of Evernote desktop client.
  2. Even better! Now I have full control over the order of the notes. Many thanks, jebenson2 and spg SCOTT.
  3. I get it. Thanks, Jefito, for your super prompt response which nudged me towards a solution. My work around is then to update each of the notes I want to merge, in the order that I need. That is first update last page, then update 2nd last page and so on.....So the relevant notes show up in the order I need, before I merge them. Great!
  4. Is there a way to re-order which note comes before another note in the View column? I have 2 reasons to need this. First, there are some docs (jpg, pdf, doc) I scanned which are sequential in nature , but the order I scanned each of them has mixed this up. I just want to have them appear in the right order in the view. Second, I sometimes merge the notes if they belong together (I select all relevant notes, and right click to merge them). Then all the more I need the re-ordering, because notes become merged in the order they appear - the latest as page1, the next latest as page2 etc. Is there is a ready way which I just don't know?
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