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  1. Is anyone from Evernote looking into this, and/or able to reproduce this bug?
  2. Yes: None of the preferences stick. I do not care to see 'shortcuts', 'recent notes' and 'upgrade your team', and thus must be removed each time I open evernote.
  3. I am also having this issue, which I did not previously have. Also a premium user, Version 6.8 (453748 Direct), OSX 10.11.6.
  4. I am also having the same issue, which I did not have prior to the upgrade. When will this be fixed?
  5. Just noticed that clicking the affected area resolves the issue. e.g. in my above example, posted on 13 October 2015 - 02:13 PM: if I were to click "All notes" the white background would disappear. Hoepfully this is information is useful in debugging (or whatever it may be) the issue.
  6. Thank you for your help with this. Obviously it is not a major bug as it is just aesthetic. Thanks again.
  7. Hello KGG. I upgraded to the beta version (Version 6.2 Beta 2 (452409 Direct)(, as you suggested, but the problem still persists.
  8. Thank you for your help so far, Annah. I reinstalled Evernote (Version 6.1.1 (452253 Direct)) and the problem persists.
  9. Since I upgraded to the new OS, Evernote frequently displays titles with a slightly lighter gray background. The change is intermittent; sometimes clicking the title will resolve the issue. See attached screenshots: one exhibiting the problem, one not. Many thanks.
  10. Cheers for the reply, metrodon. It seems as though it is a much needed feature, although it is possible that I am re-purposing evernote or using it how it is not intended to be used, i.e. not simply web-based.
  11. No one else clips from pdf, or has this problem?
  12. Please? Someone must know the way…
  13. Hello, A very basic question. In Safari, to clip text I merely highlight the text, press the bookmark bar icon, and within a few seconds the selected text, along with the webpage title, is imported into evernote. I am unable to do this with a pdf file. I select the text, and then what? I know I can copy it and then press ctl-apple-v, but then the evernote program comes to the forefront, it doesn't important the title of the document, and is a fair bit more work than web-clipping. Am I missing something here? Seems to me there should be an option to select text, right-click it and send to evernote. Cheers.
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