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  1. Thanks for the various responses . . . I do use a Mac and so that may be the problem in this case. Such an important task -- without it I don't think I'd continue using Evernote -- if I can't get it out the way I need it, no sense of putting it in.
  2. Even though it's not what I wanted to hear, thanks for responding and letting me know. I can't understand how a tool like this would not support the print function that I'm looking for . . . people who write need some sort of organizational methodology and being able to work from grouped notes is the only way I know how to write -- 18 published books and countless articles, so I'm not a new writer. At any rate, thanks -- usually I post questions (not ever before here) and get no responses so I appreciate hearing from you!
  3. I'm new to Evernote and I've got a problem that I can't resolve . . . hope someone can help me. I've created a notebook and collected notes (no images) from a stack of academic papers that I'm going to use in a literature review for a paper that I'm writing. I have 118 notes and now I need to understand how to "see" them and "print" them so that I can write the paper. I used to use 3x5 cards . . . one note per card. I'd put a tag and a reference to the actual document at the top of the card, then I'd sort all the cards into piles (by tag or by category). Then I'd organize the pile . . . the order of the cards would prompt what I would write first, second and so on . . . I'd write about the first note, then the second, the third, etc., until I finished that pile. Then I'd move to the next pile. I'm missing my piles! I would like to now print out a "pile" from Evernote . . . search on a tag, for example, "lit review", get just those notes and print them (hopefully with the reference info, i.e. title of article and author/s. There are 40 notes that pop up in my "lit review" search . . . but how do I print them? How do I print the search so that I can have each note printed on paper, whether it's one note per piece of paper (I don't want to do that, of course) or it's 3 notes to a piece of paper . . . I don't know how to output the content. Thanks.
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