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  1. Thank you Evernote for the mostly useless presentation mode, and endless marketing emails shilling pens and moleskin products. Now can we get back to fixing bulleted lists?
  2. Just like to point out that Evernote has been updated again and yet lists are still *****.
  3. Just want to throw in my $.02. The editor has been my number #1 frustration since day 1 especially with bullted/numbered lists. It's actually discouraged me from using Evernote for certain things. I really hope this gets fixed soon before someone makes a competitive product with an actual functioning editor.
  4. Using the Format > Fonts tool isn't really that bad of a workaround. The menu stays on top and I can just move it out of my way. Then it's a just a single click to change fonts instead of two clicks.
  5. My client only shows it in the drop down list if you've already used that font in the note. For new notes I have to go through the menus. Maybe yours is showing the font in the drop down list because it is set as your default font. I'm not on my macbook right now but I'll try to get a screenshot later to show what I mean.
  6. You can still use the font by navigating through the menus. It's just a bit of an inconvenience not having it on the note editor.
  7. It would be great if the Courier New font could be accessed quickly in the note editor tool. This font is available on the Windows client but not the Mac. The only fixed-width font that's available is Andale Mono, which I think is ugly as sin.
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