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  1. Thanks for the replies. I'll give the temp tag strategy a shot =: s
  2. I read this: https://dev.evernote.com/doc/articles/search_grammar.php Still not sure if this can be done, I want to look for notes that have either of 3 tags, let's say tag:car tag:blue tag:minivan With that result set, I want to filter it, so that I only see the notes that contain the text phrase "really fast" (not the tag really-fast, but text found inside that note) Also, if that's possible, I'd like to continue filtering again, by hiding/not including the notes that are of type web.clip I tried using -source:web.clip, but it seems to want to include that with the "any" vs understanding what I really mean.. I've explained this as a series of steps so it's easy to digest. I understand the answer, the search query itself, is probably one long *thing.. Any thoughts appreciated, =: s
  3. Yup, I'm one of the users that rarely posts, but I've had enough. I didn't see this thread a few days ago when everything started going haywire. So thinking it was my system, I completely removed Evernote manually. Here is the list I compiled, for those attempting to do a full clean. No idea if this is it, all I searched were files named 'evernote'. Use caution with rm -r -f rm -r -f /Users/[yourusername]/Library/Application\ Support/Evernote rm -r -f /Users/[yourusername]/Library/Caches/com.evernote.Evernote rm -r -f /Users/[yourusername]/Library/Caches/Metadata/CoreData/com.evernote.Evernote/ rm -r -f /Users/[yourusername]/Library/CoreData/com.evernote.Evernote/ rm /Users/[yourusername]/Library/Preferencescom.evernote.EvernoteHelper.plist sudo rm -r -f /private/var/folders/Ed/Ed0z1maDF60Y5MXoCSu9nU+++TI/-Tmp-/com.evernote.Evernote After cleaning my system, removing the Chrome Clipper, stopping the Helper, removing the above files, and of course the main app from my Applications folder, I rebooted, and reinstalled the software again. I did this whole process twice. In doing so, I also wiped out my local notes. Now I did a backup of my notes to ENEX format a few days ago, but I forgot that my notes since haven't synced. Duh. Right. This was a syncing problem, of course that's what was gonna happen. I then tried reimporting my ENEX files. But that DOESN'T work. It creates the notebooks, shows a progress bar matching the number of my notes (so I know it's trying), creates my notebooks, imports a *****ton of keywords, but 0 notes. Ok. So I've got non-working software and a DB export that can't be accessed. I come here, notice all of this, and a private build patch was released. Ok, maybe some chance of getting this fixed. After installing, just as it began 'syncing' it occurred to me that now my data (almost 4,000 notes) on the service may be in jeopardy, as one of these builds is going to think my desktop (with 0 notes) is the latest version and will delete all my notes from the Evernote server, thinking my desktop is the 'latest version' Out of the realm of possibilities? I think not. I'm not risking my data anymore considering there's a proven lack here of the company knowing What The ***** Is Going On. I'm going to pore over my ENEX file manually with some parsing scripts (that I now need to dig up or write, which will take me days, maybe weeks?) and I'm done with Evernote. By the way, I haven't even told you all the issues I've had with clipper over the last couple of years. Missing notes. Broken functionality. Constant automatic updates of the clipper into a non working state. A responsive developer at Evernote was really the only reason I stuck it out this long, but at this point I had enough. In the latest episode recently my clipper stopped working, yet I had taken no action whatsoever to make it stop working. So logically, it was the auto update feature. When contacting support, I was told numerous time to reinstall Clipper, I did. Didnt work. Then I was told to reinstall Chrome. Chrome? Really? Doubtful that's the issue but ok. Did that, nothing. That cost me hours too, lost preferences, extensions, all needed reinstalling etc. Then I reinstalled the clipper, and methodically TESTED each option, finding the bug. I created a screencast cause their support didn't believe me, and forwarded it to the team, which then got fixed. The best part? The rep told me "just switch to Firefox, Chrome has documented problems". Great answer. This is the caliber of support, which indicates to me a lack of interest or regard for professional users. am I asking too much? I want a ROCK SOLID way of capturing what I read on the web, that does so QUICKLY, without interrupting my workflow. I want it to save reliably, so in 4 months, when I remember something I need, I can find it near instantly, without saying to myself: I could've sworn I saved this one page, why the ***** can't I find it? That's IT. I don't give a ***** about your non-working OCR (that I can never disable). or your Related Notes. or Skitch. or your Trunk store. or anything else. I understand software is complex art. I build and design as well. Particularly now, with so many devices, I don't envy the challenges you face. But that's par for the course. You have millions in funding. USE it to build reliable systems. Charge $ for your product, and I will pay it. But don't release *****. Ask yourself - are you building tools we can depend on? or a hobby app? can you tell I'm upset?
  4. Ditto on all said above. Same issues, since hitting 5.0 and above. 10.6.8. Downgrading to pre-5, . Judging by my experience last time with chat, I will not be dialing them up anytime soon. Losing notes is so unacceptable. Asymptot1, you hit it on the nail : Evernote markets the service as my brain extended. Well, it should treat their service like a mission critical app. Nothing more frustrating than looking for a note you know you saved, I've already lost a good few notes in the last weeks, and countless hours through the life of this program as they've gone through many iterations of non-working Web Clipper. I can't understand why a company with so much investment and millions of users (12million+ according to last screencast) can't get their Q/A pipeline in order.
  5. I'm having, and have had for over a year problems with my clipper. same issue continuously.. it works fine and great, until it doesnt. only restarting browser kicks it back into shape. ive just created a video of it happening multiple times in a span of less than 10 minutes. I had debugging mode enabled, and there are no logs generated. Who can I email this 180mb video file? please contact me. Thanks Steven
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